MenuLocker is a menu writing App with access to a global culinary database. The App lets users store, retrieve and edit their menus - at any time and from any mobile device - quickly and easily. It eliminates the need for a PC or laptop. All you need is an Android or Apple mobile device and access to the internet. Users have access to a constantly updated culinary database as well as an In-App search function to research products and ideas from anywhere in the world. We're revolutionising and democratising menu writing. Founder, Executive Chef and Hospitality Consultant, Brett Pearson, created MenuLocker to educate and empower busy professionals - at whatever level of experience - to author and publish menus quickly and easily. "Using MenuLocker, we want users to expand their culinary knowledge base and infuse into their daily routine the time-saving benefits that technology brings to one of the world's oldest professions." MenuLocker is a powerful yet simple to use enabler. Best of all its subscription free.


Auckland, New Zealand

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