M- Wines are Limited Edition Wines from around the world: They are the 'Dream Wines' of talented young winemakers, if you like the wine they have always wanted to make but never before had the chance. Only 1,000 individually numbered bottles of each wine are released. Each bottle is sold in a gift case with the winemakers name on front label and a booklet telling their story. They are unique gifts with a true story behind each one. After 22 years in sales and marketing with big corporates, stretching the truth as far as the legal team would allow, I wanted to tell the real personal stories behind these wines. As an ex school teacher I like the element of helping to develop a passionate young winemakers career by allowing them to showcase develop their talents further. Wines to date: 2011 Martinborough Pinot Noir by Virgil Kerr 2011 Cote du Roussillon Villages by Thomas Raynaud 2012 DO Emporda by Oriol Guevara 2013 Gisborne Viognier by Renée Dale


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