Kolei Botanical Skincare

Kolei Botanical Skincare
Welcome to Kolei Botanical Skincare Our skincare products are 100% natural free from chemicals developed to bring together the best of New Zealand's finest healing plants; ingredients unique and rare with the power to heal, purify, nourish and protect your skin. Kolei Botanical Skincare harness these remarkable, bioactive properties and are naturally preserved with a combination of unique rare New Zealand botanical/ingredients with powerful antimicrobial properties. The result perfectly preserved natural products that reveal youthful healthier skin. Powerful Plant Remedy: Over 80% of New Zealand’s flora is found nowhere else in the world! It is these rare plants, traditional know-how that provides the basis of our natural skincare, body care and cosmetic collections. Some of our remarkable bioactive ingredients include Active Manuka Honey to nourish and heal, Kawakawa to sooth hydrate repair and protect, Totarol a super antioxidant to neutralise skin-damaging free radicals which break down skin cells, and for its powerful antimicrobial properties. These unique rare ingredients are Kolei's secret to our remarkable restorative skin, body care and cosmetics products. It has been found to have a positive impact on some of the genes that cause skin slackening, combating aging and associated skin complaints. Within the framework of Maori Rongoa traditional medicine of New Zealand Kolei’s views are plant alike has an amazing biochemical intelligence (Māori culture refers to this as ‘Mauri’, the life force of the plant). This infers a remarkable ability to gradually and safely re-balance the body’s chemistry, augmenting ones natural state of harmony. It is something that no artificial skin care ingredient can ever do. We encourage you to try our beautifying herbal products that are safe to use and safe on the environment.


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