Kea Inspire

Kea Inspire
/Kea/ Noun: A New Zealand mountain parrot known for their intelligence and curiosity. Kea can solve logical puzzles, and will work together to achieve a certain objective. Kea Inspire Ltd was founded by Tony Henderson-Newport, a senior IT portfolio, programme and project manager, author, poet and father. The ethos of Kea Inspire Ltd, like its namesake the alpine parrot, is to bring curiosity, problem solving and collaboration to support business objectives. Kea Inspire Ltd underpins its strategy with three key attributes: ► Innovate: New, different, experiential ► Collaborate: Synergy exists when team occurs ► Communicate: The vision, the dream, the detail, the result An experienced supplier of business services across multiple industry sectors and different global locations. ► Organisational Culture, Strategy & Maturity ► Interim Management ► Process Design ► Portfolio, Programme & Project Management ► Change Management ► Business Management ► Coaching & Mentoring ► Presenting & Pitching ► Business Start-up Support


9a Lincoln Avenue
Wellington 5028
New Zealand

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