Jobe Valves

Jobe Valves

Jobe Valves specialize in the manufacture of float valves for use in agriculture and light industry. Float valves are sometimes referred to as ball cocks, trough valves, ball valves or simply as floats.

The Jobe Valves range includes the following brands: 

Rojo, for flows up to 20 L/min, Megaflow and Topaz, for flows up to 200 L/min and Vortex, for flows up to 600 L/min. All Jobe Valves products are made to be adaptable, so they can be used in a wide range of applications and rugged, to withstand harsh environments.

Agricultural applications include supplying drinking water for dairy cows, sheep and other livestock, cooling systems in poultry houses and filling water storage tanks. Light Industrial applications include water supply to cooling systems, cleaning systems, car wash systems and water storage tanks of all sorts.


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