International Rugby Club

International Rugby Club

The International Rugby Club can pop up anywhere, in any country. We are an incorporated rugby club (affiliated to Northland Rugby Union) born from the desire to create goodwill, community, engagement and entertainment, across NZ and eventually the world. Our ethos is quite simple - it is all about the 'social' and rugby is the 'excuse'.

We are actively seeking memberships and will be bringing our ethos to life during next year's DHL NZ Lions Series 2017 with the following activities:

- IRC Rugby Safari: a carefully curated map (an app) linking travellers to authentic NZ experiences and events (IRC bespoke and ready-made). Bespoke activity will include: 'Merino & Pinot', 'Haka & Hangi', 'Pie & Pint', 'Legend at your local' and various WAGS events, amongst others.

- IRC Rugbyfests: a series of unique social rugby, craft beer and food festivals in six locations following the Lions Series (close to but not on match day)

- Bring Back Billeting: a very authentic kiwi rugby experience which gives clubs the opportunity to fundraise; we'll facilitate travelling fans to stay with rugby club members across NZ - a solution to the tour accommodation shortfall!


51A Norfolk Street, Whangarei, New Zealand

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