Innoseis, founded by New Zealander Mark Beker, delivers game changing innovation to the oil & gas industry. Seismic surveying technology is a crucial link in addressing the energy needs of a growing world population. This technique makes use of large-scale sensor networks to non-invasively image underground structures. In this way oil and gas companies can effectively pinpoint potential hydrocarbon reserves, and utilise existing resources more efficiently. The industry is calling for larger networks with more sensors. However, conventional seismic networks are burdened by the expanse of cables, which create large transport, deployment and maintenance costs. Innoseis delivers wireless sensor solutions. The ultra-low power performance of our technology results in significantly smaller sensor nodes, without compromising on seismic signal fidelity. Innoseis is a spin-off company of Nikhef, the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics and founded by New Zealander Mark Beker. Besides ultra-low power sensor networks its expertise also extends to novel (seismic) sensing and read-out techniques including MEMS technology. In addition vibration isolation systems are used to generate ultra-low vibration environments - with this technology Innoseis has created the ‘quietest place on Earth’.


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The Netherlands

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