Image Boats Ltd

Image Boats Ltd

Owner, Dean Wilkes, was originally a sheet metal engineer by trade, completing a 4½-year apprenticeship in Invercargill. He started his boat-building career on a working holiday in Australia 25 years ago before returning home to continue in this field, where he gained experience building ferries, 30-60 foot fishing boats, pontoon boats and other commercial craft.

Dean formed his own Invercargill-based company, Image Boats Ltd, in 2000. Image Boats Ltd employs and contracts staff, including an auto electrician, upholsterer, and mechanic, meaning that they can offer a complete boating package under one roof - there's no need to deal with several different suppliers. Dean and his team built their 100th boat in August 2010, and are now well into the next 100!

Only the latest equipment and quality fittings are used in every build to ensure our boats offer safety, comfort, style and functionality. Our proven alloy hull designs carry a 6-year warranty as your guarantee of quality, and are stable for even the roughest of seas - as proven time and time again on the Foveaux Strait! We won't be beaten on ride quality and value for money.


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