I Make The Pies - Best NZ Pie in Jakarta!

I Make The Pies - Best NZ Pie in Jakarta!

We are a small commercial kitchen than makes traditional NZ pies and serious chocolate brownie! A variety of beef and chicken flavours freshly cooked just for your order!

Steak n Cheese, Portabello Mushroom, Vege, Black Pepper, Chicken Curry, Mince and Cheese, Chicken n Mushroom or Creamy Vegetable in three sizes. Apple and Cinnamon, Peach and Nutmeg, Apple turnovers and more flavours coming soon. We even make double chocolate Afghan biscuits!+

Our chocolate brownie comes in three flavours, Original Double Chocolate, Chocolate and Walnut and Chocolate and Cherry.

Crispy flaky pastry, tender fillings and natural gravy. No cheap cuts only real meat, real chicken breast and 100% natural products. MSG and margarine is banned from our kitchen!! We prefer real salt and real butter.

NZ comfort food made to order and delivered to your door, the way Nana showed us!


Asem Baris Raya
Jakarta Selatan

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