HMS Studio Ltd

HMS Studio Ltd
HMS aims to develop the possibilities of the hand-drawn in creating work that is humanist and beautiful. It’s designs, in the form of graphic illustrations, range from dizzyingly intricate to simple and bold and might best be described as architectonic. Following in the tradition of Ruskin, Morris and Bauhaus, HMS Studio is dedicated to a renaissance of the decorative arts. While often fashion forward, HMS’ work is remains strongly influenced by classical architectural principals and motifs. Designs are able to be scaled up or down, rearranged, deconstructed and applied to products and interiors great and small. HMS’ designs have been marketed and sold extensively through Tektura Wallcoverings in the United Kingdom. HMS also produces and distributes it’s own products and takes commissions. All work is made to the highest standard. Materials and labour are sourced with consideration for people and place.


1038 New North Road
Mount Albert
Auckland 1025
New Zealand

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