Harmoney - Peer Loans

Harmoney - Peer Loans
Introducing Harmoney – New Zealand’s first licensed online peer-to-peer marketplace. When you apply for a loan through Harmoney, once it’s approved it’s listed in our marketplace (don’t worry, we keep your identity anonymous). From there, Kiwis with money to lend can access our marketplace and choose to fund your loan. Once enough people have chosen to fund your loan, the money is deposited into your account. The interest rate you pay on your peer-to-peer loan is based on your individual credit rating. We then apply this to our credit scorecard. This means that unlike traditional lenders, like banks and consumer finance companies, you get a personalised interest rate. Since launching in September 2014, almost 5,000 New Zealanders have borrowed through Harmoney. We can help arrange you a loan from $1,000 to $35,000. For an obligation free quote on how much you could borrow, start an online application today. For more information call 0800 HARMONEY.


308 Parnell Road
Auckland, 1052
New Zealand

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