GM Europe

I'm an incredibly passionate Kiwi who has landed an exciting role as GM Europe at Shootsta - we are all about storytelling and we love enabling companies to create video content at scale by providing them with a custom built camera kit and giving them the training and resources on how to shoot content themselves.

For example, we have trained over 100 staff at Qantas to shoot great quality content. We also have a global network of camera operators that can shoot the content for you.

Once it's shot it is then uploaded to our cloud based system called the Hub, where all your elements, cutaways and previously shot content lives. Our editors get working on that footage, having the editing, top and tail, motion graphics, colour grading and music done and dusted, and back to you within 24 hours.


Wework South Bank, 22 Ground Street, SE1 9PD,London,UK

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