Foot Science International Ltd

Foot Science International Ltd
For more than 30 years Foot Science International (FSI) has been manufacturing high quality Formthotic brand orthotic insoles in Christchurch, New Zealand, and exporting these to customers all over the world - at last count, 39 countries. Hundreds of thousands of pairs of Formthotics are manufactured each year, and 85% of our products are exported. We estimate that many millions of people around the world are wearing Formthotics to address pain issues, or to provide comfort and performance. Around 80% of our products are sold to medical professionals who use Formthotics to help alleviate pain in the lower limb chain - the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Often pain in the lower limbs is caused by the way we walk - for example, if we pronate heavily (roll our feet inwards) we place undue twisting stress on all other joints in the lower limb chain, causing pain, aches and/or undue tiredness. Formthotics are loved by medical professionals and their patients, but also by those who purchase them for the sheer comfort they offer. Skiers, footballers, runners, hikers, and people who lead active lives, recommend Formthotics. Formthotics are made from a unique polyethylene foam that, when heated for about 3 minutes, allows the orthotic to be custom moulded to your feet - a really natural fit that can be achieved quickly and easily, and without great expense.


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New Zealand

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