Fertility Associates

Fertility Associates
We’ve been busy building families for 25 years with more than 14,000 babies born so far. Fertility Associates' is one of the most established and successful fertility and IVF clinics across Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to excellence and each Fertility Associates clinic has a close-knit team of doctors, nurses and scientists who provide full patient support throughout treatment. We are conveniently located in Petaling Jaya and provide easy access to all of our services with a strong focus on high success rates, excellent customer care, and quality. Our clinic features modern facilities and state of the art equipment, so if you have a fertility question that remains unanswered, the sooner you talk to us the better your chances of success. Do you have questions about your fertility? We offer free 15 minute Doctor phone consultations for people who have questions about their fertility or want to know what options are available to them to preserve their fertility, but are not quite ready to seek specialist help. Services we offer: - FREE 15 minute phone consult with Dr. Arasu - Fertility consultations and testing - IVF with ICSI and without ICSI - Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI) - Storage of embryos, sperm and eggs


106 Jalan Gasing
Section 5,
Petaling Jaya

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