DrivenWoman - New Zealand

DrivenWoman - New Zealand

DrivenWoman aims to empower millions of women to do what they love

A new concept that combines networking and life coaching is helping women across the globe reach their goals, follow their dreams and make their life work.

DrivenWoman, a fast growing start-up led by a serial entrepreneur Miisa Mink, is a new structured LifeWorking™ concept. The programme has hundreds of members in London and is currently setting up branches in Helsinki, Auckland (run by Mandy Reeve) and Singapore and with 10 additional cities in the pipeline for 2017.

“DrivenWoman provides a thriving environment that can inspire and support women to find the braveness and stamina to overcome challenges and go after their dreams. To do this women need to be in charge of their own future, define their own success and value and invest in their own personal brand.

“Everyone can improve their situation, so stop waiting for right circumstances or someone else to dictate your life. Start small steps to a bigger future.”



skype: mandles82 - returning to NZ on the 22nd September 2016Auckland CBD (currently looking for location)

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+62 821 4436 2600