Director of The Slammer Tool Ltd.

The Slammer Ltd. started as a tool that I made for myself in 1988 based on my Scottish Great Grandfathers Jack Pick which he used in coal mining in the late 1800's. I started to get more and more people wanting one of these tools so we out sourced our production to a 100 year old company in Wanaka, N.Z. ( Templeton and Son's est. 1906) The company went after a design utility P.C.T. patent and after a long and expensive 8 years now have that patent in China, U.S.A., Australia, N.Z., Africa, and are still going thru the examination in India, E.U., Brazil, and Canada. We make tools that can combine different types of metals so that the complete tool does not have to be forged out of one type of metal. This means we can make all sorts of tools, stronger, less expensive, and the very highest of quality. Our signature tool, The Slammer is a combination of a Sledgehammer, Digging Bar, and Axe. The way it works is that the user uses there core strength and reduces injury to there back. It produces more down force than mechanical tools and costs 1/4 the price. We have sold tools to 27 different countries and have a contract manufacturer in Australia. We just won a innovation award at the largest hardware show in the U.S. and now are looking to produce tools in N. America and S. America. This company has grown completely out of word of mouth and well the tool does the talking, and its still my favourite tool for the jobs I do around the S. Island of N.Z. I am looking for Kiwi's in all parts of the world that would like to get involved with this N.Z. based business. I especially need help with the computer side of things, I personally hate them.

Good on Ya!

T.J. "Slammerman" Irvin


48 Skinner Crescent

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