Crimson Consulting

Crimson Consulting

Crimson Consulting is a leader in transformative education. We connect our students with the brightest minds around the world - mentors who have gained admission to top-ranked education institutions around the world. 

We are the thought leader in recognising the power of personalised education and technology to provide unmatched academic support and career planning to students anywhere, anytime, in any country. 

Crimson has over 500 tutors based at more than 50 colleges around the world. Crimson's student-to-student education model harnesses integrated e-learning platforms engineered to advance students' trajectory towards world-class education and career opportunities. 

Since Crimson Consulting was established, our students have gained admission to the world’s top-ranking colleges and universities including: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a number of smaller, well-known liberal arts schools like: Williams, Swarthmore and Amherst. Students have also secured their place at leading professional schools; Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School and Stanford Graduate School of Business. 

We assess students' academic ability, extracurricular activities and career ambitions and draw on sophisticated data, industry insights and education experts to deliver tailored programs to improve students' performance and candidacy for future education and career opportunities.

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