CBA Strategic IT

CBA Strategic IT

CBA Group is an IBM Business Partner across Australia and New Zealand; and a Unicom Global Business Partner across Australia, New Zealand and SEA.  Our clients include large enterprise customers in the region and cover government and commercial entities.

CBA’s differentiator is its focus on the Watson cognitive technology from IBM, plus decision support through  CBA’s iVis. solutions which are powered by Unicom's Focal Point™ technology. We also provide other aligned solutions including security, analytics, provision of hybrid options for Cloud infrastructure, and for system architecture. Our commitment is to help customers achieve the business outcomes they expect from their investment they make in these leading edge technologies.


We believe that through cognitive technology and decision support we can empower you to be innovative, drive new opportunities, and where appropriate become ‘disruptive’ in your field.  You will then be able to make the smartest investment and development decisions possible and enable you to become the leaders in your sector.

When developing client solutions CBA is focused on . . . .

Escaping traditional thought patterns and breaking some of the existing paradigms so that you can truly be at the forefront of thinking, creating & delivering the best outcomes for your organisation and for your clients.


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