Carolyn de la Drapiere

Carolyn de la Drapiere
Carolyn Draper, a new fashion designer on the scene for women looking for fabulous clothing from sizes 12 to 26. We believe that everyone needs the opportunity to express their individuality and to dress in a way that says, ‘this is who I am’, for how we dress helps shapes our identity and defines to others who we are. Carolyn de la Drapiere aims to make clothes that are truly unique and flattering. Each item is carefully considered and designed, for we understand that it is essential to structure shapes that will enhance, emphasise and show to advantage the curvy parts of the body that we want to be proud of and subtly cover the the more problem areas. We want curvaceous women to feel fabulous, confident and glamorous. To this end we have made lots of flattering ‘v’ necklines that show off a wonderful cleavage. Plus we have given shaping that cleverly defines the waist and bust area. We have also included sleeves in the majority of designs as we know this is important to many women. We have endeavoured to make our clothes shapely, stylish and most of all original and fun to wear. With our beautiful fabrics and wonderful shapes we therefore offer a small collection that is bursting with freshness, glamour and creativity. So please, enjoy and find something that you love. Wear it with confidence and pride. And remember, all clothes are just a starting point. Be creative – add bits here and there, alter them to your hearts desire, dress them up, dress them down, have fun and make them your own. Remember – make the clothes work for you and most of all enjoy wearing them.


Carolyn De La Drapiere
Studio 6, The Mews,
46-52 Church Rd,
Barnes, London,
SW13 0DQ

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020 82888 919