Bicyu; group of business owners providing support for companies in China.

Origins: formed as WPBeijing in 2003 and registered in Beijing as a marketing workshop by Peter Bicknell and Everlyne Yu. Today we are known as Bicyu with companies registered in both NZ and Beijing, held by the original directors.

Overview: we comprise; Aim2D, WeChatOperation, Digital Marketing and Uengager a SaaS IT site with a Chinese language landing page but links to English. We also work closely with our associates providing niche or specialist expert services.

Although we offer the "usual suspects" in our Digital services, we focus and specialise in WeChat management and Baidu optimisation as these are often the most troublesome for both foreign and Chinese firms alike. They are also the GOTO tools for most businesses entry in the China market. For brands already in China we provide mentoring, coaching, workshops and seminars.

Aim2D is currently under development as a media magazine, envisaged as corralling news relative to marketing and business in China as well as articles and links to Kiwi brands who have succeeded here. Aim was created to help inspire and inform Kiwi businesses about China from a tech, culture, social perspective rather than the often unreliable mainstream media.

We are fortunate to have the support of a long time Auckland based friend, Glenn Baker, editor of NZBusiness and Exportertoday magazines. If you are an NZ brand that has cracked the China market we would love to make contact and discuss ways we can link your product into the Aim experience.

If you want to network or reach us, please use the contact form in any of our web links, the email address provided to KEA below is non functional and we will not receive any messages sent to it.



China [East] Regd Office:8/816 Flytown, # 36, Yumin Street, Houshayu Town, Capital Airport Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing.Visitors very welcome, but by E-mail appointment please. [we need to tidy up :>)]China West [Visitors] Office :

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