Aura Information Security

Aura Information Security
Aura InfoSec is leading the field of cyber-security consulting in NZ. We provide consulting and advice across Govt, banking, health and to NZ house-hold names such as Xero, TradeMe and Orion Health. Our team can test the security of your systems (with penetration testing, code, design reviews and audits) and we can also help advise on what to do (with security architecture and security strategies). We also have training for developers, IT admins, IT project teams, management and exec teams and even board level. To top it off we can test the holistic security of a whole organisation with Red-Teaming which tests not only your IT security but your people and processes too. We have staff in NZ, Aus and the US, and currently have customers in NZ, Aus, US, Canada, China and the UK. So wherever you are in the world, we may be able to help you.


Level 12, 79 Boulcott Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

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+64 4 894 3755