1Above® founder Roger Boyd has a keen sense of adventure, travelling the world, filling up 3 passports, and learning more than a thing or two about jet-lag along the way.

1Above® is formulated to fight jet-lag with six essential electrolytes, six B vitamins , vitamin C and Pycnogenol® to help you fly well and arrive ready!

1Above® has now become an established brand across New Zealand and Australia with availability across 9 airports and global customers from America to the UK to Asia through its online service. It has won awards, but more importantly, many well-travelled admirers the world over.

1Above® is here to bring back the love of flying. It is here because travel time is precious and arriving jet lagged, feeling like you're hungover, with flu like symptoms or circulation issues won’t cut it.


Distributed throughout the UK.
New stores are added every month as we are expanding globally rapidly. Also available online at our website (shipping worldwide).

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