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Kiwis helping Kiwis to grow internationally

The journey to achieve international growth is full of questions and challenges.

Asking for help is extremely smart. Nothing beats a helpful discussion with an expert Kiwi who has already been there and succeeded.

All over the world successful influential Kiwis, and friends of New Zealand, are ready to talk with you when you need it, to help you with information, share insights on every subject, and give you introductions to key people in key markets.

The World Class New Zealand Network has more than 350 leaders of industries and professions who want to help Kiwi businesses succeed internationally faster and smarter. They want to share their experience and insights with you, and give you warm introductions to more experts who can help with your specific challenges.

For a nominal fee ($250) you can leverage the exceptional knowledge and expertise of the World Class New Zealand network to point you in the right direction on a wide of range of your needs.

How to connect

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Connecting with a World Class New Zealander is affordable

Kea charges a fee of $250 to make a connection.

Get in touch

To connect with some of the most successful and influential Kiwis and Friends of New Zealand in the world, email, or phone Kea on +64 9 373 4057.


World Class NZ Connection Service

World Class New Zealand network members are our most connected and globally influential people. The right introduction can help New Zealand businesses achieve their global ambitions. Connect with over 350 leading Kiwis now and watch your business to grow.


The right introduction can make all the difference