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World Class New Zealand

                       “Get globally connected to experts passionate about helping NZ get ahead.”

World Class New Zealand is a network of internationally successful people who are passionate advocates of New Zealand. It’s their collective contribution to NZ that makes this network a valuable national asset.  

Our Purpose

                         “Facilitating connections that contribute to NZ’s social and economic growth”

How does the World Class New Zealand Network work?

Kea New Zealand leverages the network for the purpose of connecting those seeking help [Connection Seekers], with those who can provide it [World Class NZ Network members].

Who are our members?

Each member has been referred to us by their peers or their international reputation and achievements have been brought to our attention via the media. We then independently evaluate their career credentials before they’re inducted into the network. They are highly regarded and recognised in their respective fields and have significant global connections.  

Our members are approachable, empathetic and enthusiastic contributors to NZ. Many are ex-pat Kiwis living offshore and internationally experienced Kiwis now living in NZ, while others are ‘friends of New Zealand’ who have a strong affinity with NZ.

What value does a World Class New Zealander bring to the table?

Our research tells us that those wishing to access members see value in getting good honest feedback from people with a shared understanding of the nuances of Kiwi business and culture. 

The opportunity to accurately target the right person with the right knowledge and in the right place can save lots of time and increase your chances of success. 

What makes the World Class New Zealand Network programme different?

A timely introduction to a World Class New Zealand Network member can open global doors.  

World Class New Zealand Network members love NZ. They are not paid consultants or advisors. They’re people who have international careers and experientially acquired domain knowledge that money can’t buy.

The World Class New Zealand Network is a New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) initiative, which is part-funded by government and private sector sponsors and is professionally managed and delivered by Kea New Zealand’s five Network Relationship Managers.  

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