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Kiwi Morphman to run length of Netherlands

MORPHMAN's identity is a secret.

We do know however, that he is a 30 year old New Zealander living in Amsterdam - who runs to help the lives of others.

His next challenge is a big one: to become the first person to run the length of Holland in a Morphsuit!

WHAT: MORPHMAN will cover 420km over 10 days (10 back to back marathons) setting off each day from an iconic location in the Netherlands.

WHY: MORPHMAN has a close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 27. He is proud to say she is an honorary Morphie Ambassador.

HOW: MORPHMAN will run using the Dutch Cycle Network, starting on the edge of the North Sea (Uithuizen) in Groningen & finishing at Drielandenpunt in Limburg.

WHEN: October 22 – October 31

Your support is needed!

To make this all worthwhile, he needs our help to reach his €5,000 goal for Pink Ribbon.

If you would like to donate, please follow the link below:

For more information visit the Morphman website or Youtube links below: