UntitledIn 2013 Kea held the Every Kiwi Counts survey which asked 12,000 expats about their connection to New Zealand and their life offshore. While Kiwi expats continue to command big dollars overseas, the pull of ‘brand New Zealand’ and a desire to connect with home is stronger than ever.

The survey of over 12,000 expats showed the average salary of skilled Kiwi expats is rising – with a 3% rise in those earning $100,000 and over since the last Every Kiwi Counts survey in 2011. More than half of all respondents earn in excess of NZ$100,000 per year.

New Zealand has the highest proportion of highly skilled workers based offshore in the OECD, a community of a million people – a population much larger than New Zealand’s second biggest city – so connecting this community and enabling them to contribute whilst offshore holds significant value to the nation. One of the biggest contributions expats make is in promoting brand New Zealand. Every Kiwi Counts shows a staggering 98 per cent are actively promoting the country and recommend New Zealand as a destination to their overseas networks.

While the survey showed respondents estimate their earning power would be less in New Zealand, strong interest in the domestic housing and employment markets was revealed. 40 percent of respondents are currently considering purchasing property in New Zealand, while a further 13 percent already own residential property here. Over half of respondents actively look or are thinking about looking for jobs in New Zealand. Over 60 percent of respondents say that, with all factors taken into account, they believe New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to live.

The findings from this report can be explored here.

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