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Kea Connect, supported by ASB, helps Kiwi companies go global by connecting them to industry experts around the world. Here’s just a few examples of the companies that we are currently assisting. If you or someone you know can help any, either click HELP OUT or contact We will connect you with the right person.

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Distributor seeks networks for outdoor goods in UK and Europe

RV Living would like to connect with a distributor or major national retailer in Camping/Outdoors/Gift sector to any major city in the UK and Europe. The company is a distributor based in Cambridge. They represent several global brands within the Camping/Motorhome/Caravan/Outdoors & Gift sector. Recently they have been granted a UK and Europe agency for The Wine Hook, an outdoor stemmed-glass holder that easily slides on the arm of most outdoor chairs and securely holds your stemmed wine glass. 

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Performance footcare seeking advice for expansion to US

Walk On is a merino wool blister protection product for active people who need to protect their feet; everyone from walkers, runners, dancers, skiers, and cyclists to those fond of high heels. The product uses a silky strip of hyperfine merino wool to prevent and protect areas of irritation, blisters and sore feet. The wool is kept in beautiful, breathable packaging that is fully reusable and recyclable. Walk On is designed to be used once and then buried either out there in the mountains or at home in the vegetable garden. The hyperfine merino wool is biodegradable and will fully disappear into the soil within a year.

Walk On has partnered alongside leading brands such as Red Bull and industry leaders. The company is looking to expand to North America and would like to discuss exporting, importing, and setting up international distribution. 

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Virtual and mixed reality centre seeks mentors in AR/VR for incubator and startups

ProjectR is a collaborative environment for businesses and researchers to develop, test and showcase innovations. The centre has the capability to build this emerging medium through the procurement and execution of projects. 

The organisation enables access to talent through projects, research and development, to bridge the gap between those innovating and those ready to invest in high tech experiences. ProjectR is seeking influential Kiwi's working or connected in virtual or augmented reality that are passionate about growing NZ as a digital nation to mentor incubator and startup companies ranging from hardware to content creators.

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Web based enterprise software system for managing environmental compliance seeks market knowledge in Singapore

FoundationFootprint is seeking in-market knowledge in the environmental engineering and construction sectors with regards to environmental compliance opportunities in Singapore. FoundationFootprint is an award winning web based enterprise software system for managing environmental compliance, health and safety, and sustainability data management and reporting. Their consent management software helps companies manage their global reporting needs with a simple and intuitive interface and a mobile compliance app, which has disrupted the NZ market. Therefore, FoundationFootprint is now looking to expand with this efficient software alongside their sustainability software that has already been activated in the Singapore market.

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Snoring solution seeking networks for global licensees

Snorepro would like to connect with entrepreneurs, lab owners, dentists, doctors who would offer our device in their city/state/country. The company has been helping tens of thousands of New Zealanders to stop snoring for more than 30 years. Our product is a New Zealand invention and is a custom made oral appliance that is obtained via a dental consultation. Snorepro are now expanding their business through a global licensing programme.

Snorepro has American FDA clearance as a Class 2 medical device for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep, apnoea. The business model involves no license fee and no per piece royalty – just base set up costs and a standard monthly charge. Snorepro would be happy to receive suggestions or referrals from the Kea community.

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Cognitive technologies company seeks partnership for international growth

CBA Strategic IT is seeking a financial business partner to help drive its growth and development internationally. CBA is a trusted and selected IBM Cognitive Business Partner across Australia and New Zealand and a Business Partner of the global Weather Company. The company has invested heavily in the new cognitive era and is utilising its unique capabilities and extensive experience to drive the growth and development of CBA as a truly international company. 

CBA has abundant revenue growth opportunities. These are through both its own cognitive Apps and Industry Solutions R&D programme, and around the IBM One-Channel model transacting IBM deals. CBA is also a Unicom Global Business Partner across Australia, New Zealand and SEA. The company's clients include large enterprise customers in the region. CBA seeks a partner who although they may not yet be fully aware of the cognitive era and IBM Watson technology, however is technologically and business savvy.

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