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Kea 是新西兰的全球网络联播公司。我们的使命是为未来对新西兰有兴趣的全球公民建设一个全球的网络来把新西兰和全世界连接起来。

Kea 的活动不仅是关于新西兰公民。我们要为新西兰建设的是一个真正的全球性网络。这对于具有亲和力且对新西兰感兴趣的其他国家的公民是同等重要的。在中国一个关键元素就是它为那些到新西兰留学后返回中国生活和工作的学生提供了一个进入中国企业的重要渠道。

Kea 中国总部设在上海。我们举办很多的活动,范围广至企业论坛,晚间校友活动信息及每月的一次新西兰聚会。这些活动在中国已经成立了一 个强大的新西兰社团,并且提供了一个信息共享的重要论坛,促成商业联谊和保持新西兰人,中国国民和新西兰的密切关系。个人可以免费入会,所有成员都可以在 Kea的网站上拥有自己的主页。为中国市场获取正确的信息是至关重要的,Kea的成员可以在这个网络平台里搜索到外籍人士或者当地人的准确的链接,包括经 销商,市场洞察力和人力资源等。



Kea China was launched in Shanghai in 2005 and continues to leverage its evolving network of people and businesses with a New Zealand affiliation in China. Events are held on a regular basis, enabling New Zealanders and 'friends of New Zealand' to make new connections, enhance business relationships and add to the New Zealand community in their region.

Activities are relevant to more than just the expat population. Kea is a truly global network for New Zealand, which is equally important to citizens of other countries who have an affinity and interest in connecting with New Zealand. A key element of this in China is those who have studied in New Zealand and returned to live and work in China as they provide a vital bridge into Chinese business.

Kea China has grown into a valuable organisation to the Kiwi expat community and other “friends of New Zealand” living in China who want to maintain or enhance connections to New Zealand for business, academic, social, cultural, financial or personal reasons. Our mission is to connect New Zealand with the rest of the world by building a network of global citizens who take an active interest in the future of our country.

As at June 2013, there were more than 2,000 Kea China subscribers and members, with the majority of these members and subscribers based in Shanghai and Beijing. These members are generally highly educated, have lived overseas for some time and are either entrepreneurs or work for large multi-nationals. The membership base also includes a large number of non-working spouses and NZ educated Chinese alumni. 

Kea New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to reach and motivate expatriate Kiwis and ‘friends of New Zealand’ to increase their contribution to New Zealand - thereby turning them into a strategic national asset. Kea New Zealand aims to contribute to the economic growth of New Zealand by helping New Zealand become the most globally connected nation in the world.
Kea is governed by a global board and was founded by Sir Stephen Tindall and Professor David Teece in 2001.
Kea leverages its global network to:
  • Support the international success of New Zealand and its people
  • Increase export trade by providing New Zealand businesses with greater access to international markets
  • Promote international investment into New Zealand’s productive and export sectors
  • Provide New Zealand with access to insights and relationships (made available through the leaders of large corporates as well as global research / education institutions who are active in our Kea and World Class NZ networks)
  • Promote the attraction/return of highly skilled migrants, and help match their skills with appropriate opportunities
  • Support the activities of other public and private sector partners who share our vision for a more globally connected New Zealand.
It is free to join Kea and we welcome members from all around the globe - including New Zealand. You don't have to be overseas to join and you don't even have to be a Kiwi - you just have to be passionate about New Zealand, want to stay connected via our global network and be positive about contributing to New Zealand's success on the global stage.
So go to our members page and join now!


Kea China is sponsored by:

Kea and NZCTA strategic partnership
Kea and the New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA) have formed a strategic partnership to leverage the growing network of Kiwi expats in China and enhance overall services to members.

Contact Kea China
We love to hear from our members, particularly if you have any ideas to help Kea better serve you and grow in China. Please get in touch.


Gillian Moore -

Director- Shanghai. Gillian joined Kea in September 2011 and is based in Shanghai. Gillian spent her formative years in NZ broadcasting working in radio and television production. Later she focussed on event management for Kiwi Dairies and Fonterra. She managed large projects such as the exhibits for Kiwi Dairies and Fonterra at the NZ National Agricultural Fieldays and the Fonterra launch. Gillian has also lived in London and San Francisco.


 Kirsty Stanhope -

Director - Shanghai. Kirsty has worked in Public Relations and Advertising for many years, most of those spent with Saatchi & Saatchi, Porter Novelli, M&N Communications and most recently project based work with Redbridge Communications. Her experience in both disciplines combined with her passion for communication and a flare for creative approach, means her methodology is always comprehensive and innovative. After spending over seven years in South East Asia, two in the United Arab Emirates and currently living in Shanghai she feels strongly about understanding matters of culture in order to deliver appropriate communications solutions. Currently Kirsty sits onthe British International School Shanghai’s Strategic Planning Board.


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