Kea connects you to more than 225,000 talented Kiwis and 'Friends of New Zealand' around the world. It's free to join.

About Us

Kea New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to reach and motivate expatriate Kiwis and ‘friends of New Zealand’ to increase their contribution to New Zealand - thereby turning them into a strategic national asset. Kea New Zealand aims to contribute to the economic growth of New Zealand by helping New Zealand become the most globally connected nation in the world.
Kea is governed by a global board and was founded by Sir Stephen Tindall and Professor David Teece in 2001.
Kea leverages its global network to:
  • Support the international success of New Zealand and its people
  • Increase export trade by providing New Zealand businesses with greater access to international markets
  • Promote international investment into New Zealand’s productive and export sectors
  • Provide New Zealand with access to insights and relationships (made available through the leaders of large corporates as well as global research / education institutions who are active in our Kea and World Class NZ networks)
  • Promote the attraction/return of highly skilled migrants, and help match their skills with appropriate opportunities
  • Support the activities of other public and private sector partners who share our vision for a more globally connected New Zealand.
It is free to join Kea and we welcome members from all around the globe - including New Zealand. You don't have to be overseas to join and you don't even have to be a Kiwi - you just have to be passionate about New Zealand, want to stay connected via our global network and be positive about contributing to New Zealand's success on the global stage.
So go to our members page and join now!